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Tree of the Nazarene

Ghanaian mango tree = blossoming church

We just received this lovely, incredibly encouraging story from the field. Please take a moment to peek in on the Tree of the Nazarenes, sprouting up all over northern Ghana.

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First look into our work

Working for Jesus Film Harvest Partners has been wonderful, but I digress…

Well, it’s been a few weeks since we started this endeavor, and it’s time we gave you at least a taste of what we are doing. Finding stories, planning trips, writing scripts, and getting all of this approved at a field, regional, and then general superintendent level takes up pretty much ALL of our time.

Well maybe not all, but it’s a lot of work. Penning powerful scripts and hunting for the perfect place to film seemed like the hard part at first, but when we were sitting in a nurse’s office with needles in our arms yesterday, I decided I prefer the first part. I’ve said all of this to say…we are finally getting close to capturing our first story.

Apart from all of the stories in the field waiting to be captured, there is actually so much to do here in Kansas that Sarah and I find ourselves bringing our work home. We both are working non-stop and could not be more grateful, because for the first time in our lives, our work directly aids others in coming to Christ. Here are a few things we have been working on: Read the rest of this entry »

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Lonnie Norris doesn’t age.

Want to know more about the JESUS Film on the field and in action? Want to know what footage Isaac is working on updating? Well, here you go. Enjoy.


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I have no idea what this JESUS Film is: Part One

A JESUS Film showing in Kenya

You are not alone! Isaac and I were in this same boat until about three weeks ago.
So, The JESUS Film is…

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Come on baby, light my fire

If you have no idea what JESUS Film Harvest Partners is, don’t worry – neither did we. But before I go into more detail, here’s a story to spark your interest.
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From Surf and Salt…to Snow and Sleet

Siesta Key in February

Brr. That is about all we can say. Brrr and…we made it! After 22 hours in the U-Haul with two kitties and tons of crap, we have arrived in our new home in Kansas. And we could not be more excited. We could, however, use some heavier coats.

Kansas City in March

We are so excited to be here and see what work we can dig into. I (Sarah) am already enjoying a full plate of things to do regarding marketing, while Isaac buries himself in years of back footage. We are so thankful for your prayers, and we are so appreciative of your love. Cookies in the mail are nice, too. Chocolate chip ones.
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