Come on baby, light my fire

04 Apr

If you have no idea what JESUS Film Harvest Partners is, don’t worry – neither did we. But before I go into more detail, here’s a story to spark your interest.

The Persecutor Becomes the Persecuted
Benin, Africa
I spent my time tracking. I returned to persecute those who came to our village to preach the good news. I was known for my brutality, which earned me a position of leadership with the young people in my village. The chief was counting on me to discourage unwanted visitors to the village. No religion is accepted in our community. My plan was to sow chaos with the JESUS Film equipment. I secretly put water in the engine (generator) tank feeding the projection equipment. This led to the failure of the show.

Back at my house, I was asleep. I saw a picture of Jesus. I heard a voice say, “My son you will be responsible for your actions because you chose the darkness rather than light, you must repent before it is too late.” After hearing these words, the image of Christ was gone and I woke with a start. I was scared and shaking because I was convinced that Jesus was speaking to me.

The next day, at first hour, I presented myself before the JESUS Film team members to repent, apologize, and give my life to the Lord. Many others also gave their lives to God. Currently, I am the target of all the voodoo masters. Nevertheless, we have the freedom to live our new life and celebrate our God in the village. We try to avoid confrontation and seek grow daily in faith. My name is Toré. I am married with a daughter. I am a leader of our fellowship of believers. Pray for us.

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One response to “Come on baby, light my fire

  1. Lonnie

    April 4, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    Great story! The gosple never grows old. Like Paul says it is the power of God to change lives (Rom 1). You guys are in store for some incredible adventures. We are right behind you.


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