Cutest little pastor ever

20 Jun

Meet Wilmer-Nehemías, the world’s youngest (and certainly most adorable) JESUS Film team member.

Atop the mountain in Alata Verapaz, Guatemala

Wilmer is 12, and his three favorite things are reading the Bible, Real Madrid soccer, and learning English. Everything he said to us was followed by, “en inglés?” (“in English?”) Most astonishing, this half-pint preacher tramped right alongside of us up mountains, down into valleys, into the clouds, and through scorching heat to show the JESUS Film.

In cowboy boots.

Exploring Wilmer's village, Pasmolon -- the drying laundry on the left is his backyard

When I asked him why the JF is important, he thinks it is important “so people can reach eternal life in Heaven.” He added that his favorite part of working with his dad is setting up the equipment, “so we can have the opportunity to show (the film) to people, and they can learn about the love of Jesus Christ.” This is the part where I may or may not have choked on tears during recording.

What’s his least favorite part? “Carrying the bags,” he says, screwing up his face and rubbing his foot.

As an American adult, I have become jaded when it comes to the church as a body. I see negative energy and hypocrisy all around me (and inside of me). It’s an uncomfortable feeling, and it sucks the joy and hope right out of a person. And then I think of Wilmer. Beautiful brown eyes, ever-smiling face, and the sense urgency that everyone should just have the chance to hear “the love of Christ.”

I think the church is going to be just fine.

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