Baby missions

21 Jul

While in Guatemala, we had the opportunity to visit several missions, which is just a fancy name for a baby church. It was so very sweet to see these young Christians taking such pride in and getting excited about their evolving church buildings. Whether it was whitewashing walls, digging water walls, or frying chicken for us under a thatched roof, these people were just eager to work for their new faith.

Often, these missions are housed in teeny, dirt-floor homes, a marimba squished into a corner and a spare bench shoved against a wall. The physical spaces were rough, but the people there were hungry. Hungry for communion with other Christians, hungry for deeper knowledge about their new-found faith, and hungry for chances to strengthen their community of believers.

At each place we visited, the pastors we traveled with were flooded with questions. Questions about the Bible, questions about church growth, even questions about how to adequately keep Sunday school records (paper-work and bureaucracy, turns out, are globally despised).

It’s pretty cool to be reminded yet again that deep down, we are all the same. We all crave community, knowledge, and to know that we are loved. I appreciate these brothers and sisters in Christ, and I hope and pray they can achieve their greatest hopes and dreams for their local missions.



Posted by on July 21, 2011 in General, Guatemala, JESUS Film


2 responses to “Baby missions

  1. Joann Davison

    July 21, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    Isn’t it wonderful to know you are helping these new christians get started on the path to heaven ?
    What a great thing to know that you were instrumental in helping introduce them to the Lord !
    Grandma Joann

  2. Robert

    September 13, 2011 at 8:46 am

    It is truly incredible what God is doing around the world through the JESUS Film. Thousands are coming to faith in Jesus, and many churches are being established. GOD WINS!


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