E is for EvangeCube

22 Sep

I love partnerships. Empowerment is such a cool tool, and that’s what partnerships are all about. Here at JFHP, we have an incredible relationship with E3 Ministries, which produces this little block called the EvangeCube. What does it do? Lovely question. It shares the story of salvation through pictures. Christ’s love, life, death, and resurrection can all be told with, or without words. It’s simple and easy to train others to use.

The EvangeCube in Sierra Leone

EvangeCube training in Thailand

Using the Cube in Guatemala

Our ministry trip to Tamale, Ghana

We even had the opportunity to see the Cube in action first-hand in Ghana, as you can see from the gentle white giant (Syd) above. It’s a powerful tool, and E3 is a powerful partner. Just one more tool in our arsenal that people know so little about!


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Posted by on September 22, 2011 in General, JESUS Film


One response to “E is for EvangeCube

  1. Shelly (Potts) Miller

    September 22, 2011 at 10:50 am

    We use the Evangecube here in Madagascar with our evangelism team. The great thing about it is that we didn’t have to translate from English into Malagasy! We also use the EvangeBall and some of our local young people have developed other things (finding junk on the ground in the different colours) to also explain salvation. Such a great tool, though!


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