These boots weren’t made for walkin’

28 Sep

Guatemala is hilly. That may be the biggest understatement I’ve made since I last said, “I don’t like peas.” However, that’s neither here nor there (but seriously, never offer me peas).

Anyways, Guatemala has the most gorgeous, mountainous, rocky, muddy, annoying-to-navigate terrain I have ever encountered. Our car had enough trouble trying to climb the slippery steep earth, to say nothing for human feet (see video below for example):

It was great working up a sweat climbing and hauling equipment to witness to unreached groups in the middle of the clouds.I felt so proud of myself, in my brand-new boots, doing my part for the ministry. I patted myself on the back as I sat down my pack, wiped my brow, and kicked the cakes of mud off of the edges of my shiny new work boots.

Then I looked at the feet of the pastors we had traveled with. And I no longer felt proud, just sort of ashamed.

The JESUS Film team leaders were wearing dress shoes. Old dress shoes. Nearly worn through at the toes, one pastor’s feet had mud caked up the leg and under his socks. The pastor’s lovely daughter who traveled with us was wearing flip-flops. Embarrassed, I tucked my freshly shod and completely clean toes underneath of me. What seemed to me totally necessary now appeared to be a frivolous luxury no one else needed.

For the next few days, I watched a lot of feet. I also watched a lot of heel rubbing, missteps, and silent wincing. I thought of walking up to seven hours a day in old loafers. No padding, no protection from the elements.

Well, that settled that. As we said goodbye, we decided to purchase a pair of boots for one of the team members. That was in June.

Now it’s almost October. We got back in touch with leadership, saying we wanted to purchase another pair, if another pair was needed. He said yes. The very next day, I received this photo:

And here’s the email we received with it:

“I was with pastor Cesar today and we got the boots for him.

Later, I visited with Carlos and he told me that Pastor Cesar told him several times: “We travel together to the missions, but the difference I that you have good boots, and see, my shoes are not good for walking in these mountains.”

Carlos told him to pray and wait in the Lord.

Today, his prayer were answered through your generous gift. Thank you!”

Okay kids, let’s step up to the plate.

One pair of boots = $53.
$53 = years of comfortable, ache-free feet for men and women who voluntarily sacrifice comfort, meals with family, and the comfort of their own beds to reach hearts for Christ.

$53 = you are a hero to two feet.

$53 = more people exposed to the love of Christ and, in turn, eternal life in Heaven. is my email, and we will get every penny you send straight into Guatemala and onto deserving, worn out, achy feet.

We love you!




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2 responses to “These boots weren’t made for walkin’

  1. Slamdunk

    September 28, 2011 at 9:08 am

    God Bless you in your work there.


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