Well, we’re back. And we have news.

23 Jan

I have written this post 200 times in my head. Lots of lyrical, wizened words and lengthy tales of tears and laughter. But I prefer abrupt and succinct.

We are adopting. And we are full of joy.

The desire to adopt has been brewing in my (Sarah) heart since I was 14, and Isaac wholeheartedly jumped on board in September 2012. And then we got pregnant. 🙂 The time is finally right and we feel Christ leaning on our hearts to just go full steam ahead. We don’t have all of the dollars; we don’t know all of the details. But it’s our next big adventure, and we know we want you with us.

But we also need your help. Obviously.

1) Please pray. Ask most adoptive parents and kids, and you learn that the road is long and full of obstacles. If you are a believer, please pray for our patience, wisdom, and discernment. Also, that we remain joyful and not get discouraged.

2) You can give. I hate this part. You knew it was coming. Our (insane) goal is a little north of $20,000. It is so big, but so is our God. Every penny brings us one step closer a little bit sooner.

More details to come soon. God is so good.

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