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Smiles all ’round

Here at JFHP, we have thousands of photos available. Trips, teams, equipment, culture…it’s incredible. And every once in a while, while I am writing posts for the JFHP blog, I get to shuffle through hundreds of them at a time. Some are happy, some are heartbreaking, all are gorgeous. I just wanted to share a few of them with you. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

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Back porches and puppies

I think I’m getting old. Isaac tells me I am frequently, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Case in point:

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Sweets and Spanish in Indiana

Huge thanks to Sue Jones and the Grace Point Church of the Nazarene mission committee for throwing us a beautiful bash on Sunday afternoon. We had the opportunity to chat with people about our ministry and eat a lot of tasty cake.

Also, thank you so much to Pastor Rex Person for allowing us to speak Sunday evening, and to Pastor Javier and Annette Mondragon for letting us share on Sunday morning at the church’s bi-lingual and awesome South campus. We were sad to have such a short timeframe, but thrilled that we got the opportunity to talk about this super-duper cool place we work. Thank you!

Above: Yummy cake at Grace Point North
Below: Warming up for worship at Grace Point South

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Heart for the Lost

Finally we are able to post a video we have been working on for MONTHS. We made this video to replace an old video called Making a Difference, which basically highlighted what JFHP is all about. After initially completing it a few months ago we had to wait for notes and reedits before it could finally be shared. It is called Heart for the Lost. Enjoy!

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These boots weren’t made for walkin’

Guatemala is hilly. That may be the biggest understatement I’ve made since I last said, “I don’t like peas.” However, that’s neither here nor there (but seriously, never offer me peas).

Anyways, Guatemala has the most gorgeous, mountainous, rocky, muddy, annoying-to-navigate terrain I have ever encountered. Our car had enough trouble trying to climb the slippery steep earth, to say nothing for human feet (see video below for example):

It was great working up a sweat climbing and hauling equipment to witness to unreached groups in the middle of the clouds.I felt so proud of myself, in my brand-new boots, doing my part for the ministry. I patted myself on the back as I sat down my pack, wiped my brow, and kicked the cakes of mud off of the edges of my shiny new work boots.

Then I looked at the feet of the pastors we had traveled with. And I no longer felt proud, just sort of ashamed. Read the rest of this entry »


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Want to learn more about JFHP?

Want to learn more about JFHP?

Sarah chats with a JESUS Film team adviser in Tamale, Ghana

We are planning our fall/winter/spring speaking calendar, and we would LOVE to speak at your church about JESUS Film Harvest Partners! We have thousands of partners who are non-Nazarene, so it’s cool if you’re not, either. ­čÖé

Submit your requests/questions/recipes for apple dumplings to: Hope you’ll let us come and share what this ministry is all about!

Isaac takes a break from being behind the camera for once


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E is for EvangeCube

I love partnerships. Empowerment is such a cool tool, and that’s what partnerships are all about. Here at JFHP, we have an incredible relationship with┬áE3 Ministries, which produces this little block called the EvangeCube.┬á Read the rest of this entry »

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